Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lady Elizabeth Meets Queen Gaga

Gags has met the Queen B and the two couldn't have gelled more. I kid, the only thing reminiscent of gel in this hot shot is whatever artificial substance has been used to give Gaga her junkie raw panda eyes. Queen is confused, but is also the Guinness World Record holder for holding her shit tucked tightly in a conservative brain so the old girl smiled and played along with her surroundings - responding when talked too and urinating on the yellow light.
Gaga felt shit good - and who wouldn't after mingling with fancy old women who have their own body weight in jewelry 3 fold! You'd play along with this gal even if she wanted to ride you like a donkey (naked).

True to form, Gaga pulled some major tricks and got freaky with a piano. People commented she could have done the same set but on solid ground - Gaga responded with her usual performance art blab - and lost 50 more Australian fans who are over her pretense and junk.

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