Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Night Out For B

Dressmakers of the world (and the official Tina Knowels Sweatshop) got another months work in making a whole lotta dress for Beyonce to workout in at the EMAs. B started the night in more of that futuristic crap that ticks the criteria; robotic, metallic, tight, and angular. Whoop.
She then plastered herself to a silky wall and performed Sweet Dreams. Sure B felt sexy, but Tina must have felt sexy watching her offspring get cosy in this.
B then got into her smooze and booze look for a shoulder rub with The Shak. They conversed about whatever it was they meant by a beautiful liar, then did tequila shots off eachother's navels. The Shak woke up the next day with a red ring around her belly, but is pretty sure it's not put a ringworm on it - cos its just B's leftovers.
B also got too cosy with a mysterious man people believe to be her sponsor child.
She also picked up an award. Literally, she put her wrist around it - and picked the thing up.

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